Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga in which the balance between body and mind, especially through physical exercises (ASANAS), through breathing exercises (PRANAYAMA) and MEDITATION is sought. 

Individual Asanas, their exact execution and the effect on the body will be precisely explained in the beginner class. The muscles are strengthened, especially the trunk and back muscles are significantly improved. Tension and pain can be relieved. Through certain stretches and positions a significantly higher flexibility can be reached. 

Nowadays we often unlearn and forget how to breathe consciously. Certain breathing exercises provide a greater awareness and can lead us in a deep relaxation that allows us to forget the stress of our everyday life. The connection between breathing and mind (thoughts) are clearly visible. The aim in meditation is to control one's mind, being able to control his thoughts and to be thoughtless for a moment. To find again the balance in our body between male and female energy, to even out our emotions and to become one with our body. 

The most important position in Yoga is actually the sitting itself because it can be the hardest one for most people. To simply enjoy the calmness and the silence and to be just with yourself and your body can be a real challenge in today's stressful enviroment where we are constantly being exposed to pressure. However, the goal of many people is to be able to control their own thoughts, to be the master of your own mind and to be able to be thoughtless for a moment. Just like the goal of meditation. This can lead to a signifiant increase of sleeping quality because the brain will be able to regenerate better and therefore reach the deep sleep phase. Through the versatile techniques, deep relaxation, improvement of one's learning ability and the awakening of hidden potential through harmonization of consciousness can be learned.

Yoga is therefore for everyone, regardless if young or old, professional sportsman or beginner. Everyone who would like to learn the art of meditation and do something good for your body and mind is welcome.


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