Dancing, in my eyes dancing is not a sport. For me, dancing is art, a passion that has accompanied me since my childhood and has casted a spell over me. A possibility to express yourself, to get to know yourself in an utterly new way and to be able to slip into different roles. An own language that is able to delight, delectate or shock other people. She can bring people to thoughts, she can make them angry or sad. However she can also make them happy. She can move people. Dance can move people not only physically but also emotionally. When you dance you move, from place to place, from top to bottom, you move your arms, your legs, your feet, but most of all you move something within yourself. Everybody that has ever danced even only at a party has surely had the pleasure to experience this sensation of fun, this feeling of freedom and levity. This is exactly my goal. Being able to reach people through dance and to move with joy, physically as well as mentally. To experience every kind of movement with joy. Movement moves. Movement brings joy.                                                                                                                                 MOVEMENT IS ....THE JOY OF MOVEMENT 

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